We create and develop film projects.

We design imaginative worlds and original concepts aligned to cultural and market trends.

At Laniakea we strive to be the world-leading source of smart entertainment and creativity that inspire people through stories well told in countless ways.


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    Producers and creatives who have come together united with the desire to forge colorful and unforgettable projects. Those aimed to amuse, excite, and elicit reflection. Our goal is to transform every project into a captivating journey, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of viewers.

  • Mateusz Kowalczyk

    Laniakea Pictures - Mateusz Kowalczyk

    Mateusz Kowalczyk

    Currently, Mateusz serves as the CEO and Executive Producer at Laniakea Pictures. Previously, he was the co-founder and Managing Director at the animation studio Pigeon, where he successfully held strategic and operational roles. His professional background is substantially tied to the film industry, concentrating predominantly on developing and implementing innovative  management strategies and leading teams to achieve international success. Consistently engaged in building relationships with global clients and co-producers, expanding the company's reach into foreign markets including Europe, the Middle East, China, and the USA. With Laniakea, he is in development of two ambitious animated series projects, delving deep into the fantasy genre. First one, Age of Mechozaurs is set to redefine adult animation, offering a rich and immersive narrative landscape, while the other – Odd Adventures of Ninja & Bibby - is geared towards children, promising a captivating and imaginative world that fosters both entertainment and education.
  • Zofia Jaroszuk

    Laniakea Pictures - Zofia Jaroszuk

    Zofia Jaroszuk

    Zofia Jaroszuk is a Film Studies and Cultural Management graduate from Jagiellonian University in Krakow. With a foundation in distribution and promotion gained from working with KFF Distribution & Sales, she transitioned to production. Between 2015 to 2002, Zofia collaborated with Animoon, serving as a supervising and creative producer on various animation projects, spanning shorts (such as Annie Awards nominee „Acid Rain”), series, and feature films including EFA nominee „Even mice belong in Heaven”. At Laniakea Pictures she’s handling varied projects with the focus on animated and childrens’ titles. She is an alumna of EAVE's marketing workshops, KIDS KINO LAB Scriptwriting Workshop, and the Polish Producers Alliance Let’s Be Series program.
  • Anna Zychowicz

    Laniakea Pictures - Anna Zychowicz

    Anna Zychowicz

    Ania manages the company's project development with expertise. Her journey began as a dancer at Czestochowski Dance Theatre, fueling her desire to enter the creative industry. She graduated from the Economic University of Wroclaw and directed a student TV organization. Her career advanced in TV, leading to an assistant director role, managing production timetables for film crews. This experience ignited her filmmaking passion, prompting her to graduate with honors from the National Film School in Lodz, focusing her thesis on short film distribution. Her industry knowledge expanded at SUPERHOT, a Polish game and VR company, blending commercial efficiency into her management. She further honed her skills with a Creative Development course at Wajda School, gaining valuable networks. Her project “The Grimmsons” won the CEEA Animation Forum award at Young Horizons Industry 2023. She also participated in Producers Link 2023 in Warsaw and Amsterdam, and Warsaw Next 2023 for emerging filmmakers. As a producer, she prioritizes audience needs, seeking to create captivating projects that broaden viewer horizons.
  • Mikołaj Błonski

    Laniakea Pictures - Mikołaj Błoński

    Mikołaj Błonski

    Mikołaj has been producing animation for almost 10 years. He first began working on the development of a number of animated series from the European market. From there, he led an international Polish-international co-production of the feature film “Hug Me - Honey Seekers”. As the lead creative producer, he produced an anthology of short films from Oscar nominated Portuguese studio, Cola Animation. Mikołaj’s expertise in collaborating with many stakeholders in a project and keeping both creative and production deadlines in check, makes him one of the most highly praised producers in the industry.
  • Krzysztof Wróblewski

    Laniakea Pictures - Krzysztof Wróblewski

    Krzysztof Wróblewski

    Krzysztof Wróblewski. Born in 1981. Sometimes a producer, sometimes project manager and project coordinator. A graduate of Film and Media Studies at the Jagiellonian University, specializing in History and Theory of Film. He defended his master's thesis on narrative in graphic novels. From 2006, he worked in the advertising and film industry, coordinating the creation of, among others websites, mobile games and TV commercials. Since 2020, he has been working at Laniakea Pictures where he supports and coordinates the creation of series for children and teenagers (Odo). In his free time, he usually broadens his knowledge in the subject of broadly understood science fiction and fantasy genres and searches for the most intriguing Far Eastern films and series.
  • Maciej Słowinski

    Laniakea Pictures - Maciej Słowiński

    Maciej Słowinski

    A graduate in screenwriting from the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Co-screenwriter of the feature film "Rój". Winner of the General Elżbieta Zawacka Foundation's screenplay scholarship and screenwriter of the feature film about Elżbieta Zawacka titled "Zo" (currently in pre-production). Member of the development team at Laniakea Pictures. Script consultant for over 40 film projects. Lecturer in screenwriting at the University of Gdańsk and Collegium Civitas. Initiator and co-organizer of the Script Up screenplay competition. Creator of the screenwriting blog przygodyscenarzysty.pl.
  • Kajetan Kusina

    Laniakea Pictures - Kajetan Kusina

    Kajetan Kusina

    A graduate in Cultural Studies with a specialization in audio-visual arts from the University of Gdańsk. For several years, he collaborated as a screenwriter with studios such as Grupa Smacznego, Animoon, and Letko, writing scripts for dozens of episodes of animated series for children. For the past three years, he has been associated with Laniakea Pictures, working as a creative writer in the development of ideas for films and series in the smart entertainment category. He is also the screenwriter of the comic series "The Incredible Adventures of Ivan Kotowicz," for which he received an award for the best Polish comic book album of the year at the International Comic and Games Festival in Łódź. He also nurtures his passion for cinema and visual narration outside of work hours by running "Kusi na Kulturę," one of the most popular pop culture fan pages on Polish Facebook.
  • Błazej Pieczonka

    Laniakea Pictures - Błażej Pieczonka

    Błazej Pieczonka

    Blazej, co-founder and creative supporter of Laniakea Pictures, began his animation career as a co-creator and leader at animation studio Pigeon. His passion and proficiency in 2D animation have been utilized in numerous advertising and series projects. Blazej is renowned for his ability to craft captivating scripts and engaging narratives, making him a solid member of any creative endeavor. At Laniakea, beyond creative work, he also plays a vital role in the studio's administrative aspects. His responsibilities include managing contracts, and overseeing the company's finances. His talent for blending creativity with practical management makes him a valued member of the animation industry. Merging his experience from Pigeon with new challenges at Laniakea, Blazej continues to transform the animation sector, introducing innovative ideas and fresh approaches to each project.
  • Konrad Mrozik

    Laniakea Pictures - Konrad Mrozik

    Konrad Mrozik

    A seasoned storyteller and RPG writer, he blends his classical philology background with a flair for crafting worlds that resonate with young audiences. His expertise in working with children and adolescents informs his creative focus, ensuring relatability and engagement. He's the mastermind behind various universes that form the foundation for multiple audiovisual projects, including an 18+ animated series, two children-targeted cartoons, and fantasy animated movies. Drawing inspiration from ancient fairy tales, genre classics, eclectic music, and the world's randomness, he excels in weaving the irrational into coherent, captivating narratives. His ability to translate diverse influences into his work makes his projects uniquely compelling.

Laniakea is an open sky, A place for those who dare to dream. The journey starts here.
We are a production company specialized in developing smart entertainment projects that tell compelling stories, provoke thought, and evoke a range of emotions in our viewers. Our commitment lies in creating fresh, immersive worlds inhabited by intriguing characters capable of seamlessly crossing into various media platforms.

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